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The coronavirus pandemic will oblige countries and their institutions to push for a new agenda that is aimed at a different future where the role of people as drivers of innovation and creativity becomes increasingly more important. Because of the outbreak, our society and economy face a new challenge, that is to redefine its value chain and to integrate global networks with new ideas, new solutions, and new proposals of competence. As such, people are imperative in this new social contract of trust, which will be driven by an agenda of change that hopes to create a new and more effective vision for the future. Doing so is imperative if the new solutions that are devised have any hope of being effective against the ongoing crisis.

It is a fact that people matter because they are the bridge between those that believe in the power of creating new solutions to the more complex problems that are arising in society and those that want innovation and creativity to be the platform of value in a globalized and competitive economy. In short, people do matter and the process of evolution for the further integration of society must include individual contributions while also being a case study regarding a commitment to the organization of society and its main elements.

People matter because they must be the center of all active entrepreneurial culture and attitudes. People have had an effective, but sometimes negative, attitude towards financial risk. A focus on innovation and positive dynamics contribute to the new challenges that we face. Society must be able to be a real platform of a more entrepreneurial society that focuses on new areas of knowledge and new sectors of value. In a modern and active society, the keyword is ‘co-creation’. To promote this dynamic, and an active creation process that involves each citizen is the biggest challenge for the next generation.

A researcher works on a prototype of a respirator for COVID-19 at the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics at the Czech Technical University in Prague. EPA-EFE//MARTIN DIVISEK

In the future, a society of ideas must be the most complete example of a positive attitude towards the future. Talent must be the new competitive advantage of this new society, which is pushed by the enablers of modernity, added value and excellence. These must include a very clear idea that suits the big challenges that our society really faces and which require new answers to different questions. The act of global participation in such a demanding society is an exercise of commitment between individual creativity and collective cooperation. This is key for the right future for society as a whole.

People are the key to a contract of ambition. We must understand that in an open society, where the integration of people is a signal of a positive contribution to the future, an ambition of excellence is essential. We need to believe in the capacity of people to give society a strategic capability that is essential to the challenges of the future. This is the message for the future and the message for people and society. This is also the answer for the new generation of talents that know that the key to success is based on their contribution to freedom and equality.


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