What if Salt Disappeared? | #aumsum #kids #science #education #children


What if Salt Disappeared?
Firstly, if salt disappeared, oceans would suddenly turn into fresh water sources, suddenly there will be excess water available worldwide for drinking, bathing etc..
Secondly, salt is crucial to human health as it is the main source of sodium as well as chlorine ions in human diet, if salt disappeared, there will be severe health consequences.
Thirdly, since ages salt has been used as a cheap as well as an effective food preservative, if salt disappeared, people may have to use expensive alternatives for food preservation.
Fourthly, salt makes everything taste better, if salt disappeared, our favorite foods may not taste that good anymore.
Lastly, salt is critical in the manufacturing of plastics, polyvinyl chloride, paper pulp etc., if salt disappeared, chemical industry will be in for a complete shock.