Vladimir Putin Claims COVID Vaccine to be Safe, Will you Take It?



Will you be sure of a vaccine if Vladimir Putin told you it was safe? Follow-up question: Will Donald Trump have faith in a vaccine if Vladimir Putin told him it’s safe? It is not the space race but a pandemic worldwide. Even Putin tries to demand victory here. And while the U.S. medical community has poured cold water on Trump’s claims that an Election Day vaccine could be ready, Vladimir Putin has only pulled one out of a hat and named it Sputnik after the 1957 satellite mission that stunned the world.

Never underestimate mighty people’s ability to engage in any geopolitical propaganda. That’s why Putin sent PPE this spring to New York, even as the virus has ravaged his own country. Russia’s the country which registered very few Covid cases before it became impossible to deny the outbreak. It is the country where doctors are falling out of the windows critical of the government ‘s response.

Would you trust a Russian vaccine more than you can trust a product of the Russian election? According to democracy watchdogs, the type of electoral fraud that Trump regularly alleges, without proof, actually occurs in the US does happen in Russia. Putin and his goals are consistently supported by an unprecedented three-quarters voter turnout. Three-fourths of Americans don’t agree on much.


No American president has ever received anything more than 60% of the popular vote in the elections where it was possible to chart that. Heck, we regularly award the White House to the guy who has got less votes in our peculiar scheme. And everyone goes for it. Trump likes to joke about continuing to serve as president for a long time to come, but to do that, he will have to amend the Constitution of the United States, which seems to be absolutely impractical. Not Putin. Voters helped him change Russia’s constitution last month.

Trump has displayed deep deference to Putin during his time of office. That may be due to Trump’s disregard for the conclusion of the U.S. intelligence community that Russia tried to support his campaign in 2016 (and is attempting to help him win again in 2020). While there is ample evidence of Trump’s willingness to let Putin play king, the White House still likes to pretend he’s been tough on Russia. One example, among many, is his continued interest in getting Putin back into the industrial democracies leadership community. The G7 — which used to be the G8 — threw out Russia in 2014 after Putin annexed Crimea which was part of Ukraine.

The Vaccine Announcement

Know what else does Russia mean to the US intelligence community? Last month, the NSA and agencies from European countries reported that by breaking into computer networks, Russians tried stealing coronavirus vaccine work. In Belarus, next to Russia, Vladimir Putin has sparred with the long-time president, Alexander Lukashenko, who on the eve of their election arrested Russian mercenaries who he said attempted to destabilize the country. Lukashenko won, received Putin’s congratulations and is crushing dissident protests in the process. Nathan Hodge, of CNN, dissected the findings from Belarus and explained why powerful men like them stay together.

Russia’s announcement of a vaccine is likely to irk Trump, whether you believe it or not. Only last week Trump said that there might be a vaccine by Election Day, contrary to the facts of Western medicine.

Ideally, the actual time-line. Yet real medical experts have told Elizabeth Cohen of CNN the timetable is not realistic.

To grasp the timeline please read this. Even if everything goes exactly as expected, Inauguration Day is the earliest that we are looking at. Too late into January. What did Russia do that quickly? Here is a key line from CNN’s story regarding Putin’s vaccine announcement. Critics say the country ‘s drive for a vaccine stems in part from the Kremlin’s political pressure to depict Russia as a global scientific power.


Russia has not published any scientific evidence on its research, so CNN can not verify the reported safety or efficacy of the vaccine. The New York Times confirmed no trials had been conducted on the Russian vaccine. Notwithstanding this, Russian officials told CNN that they had expressed interest in the vaccine in at least 20 countries and some US businesses. Cut no corners. If you’re interested in why thorough production of the vaccine trials is so critical, it’s because, in this case, billions of people will have to take the stuff. Read this CDC website on previous issues with the vaccines. And remember that China has also started the use of a vaccine on its military leaders.

According to the World Health Organization, there are currently 25 vaccines in clinical trials. It is with more than 100 more in production. Hopefully, it’s the best of the ones that hit millions of people across the world. Also, bring us all back to some form of usual. Here’s a look at the three that you’d heard about. Citizens in open communities ought to believe they would not be affected by the vaccine. They have to have faith that their elections are legitimate. We need to believe that the government has their best interests in mind because if not. We will vote in the process because bring someone else into power.


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