Uzbekistan launches third solar power project



Uzbekistan’s Energy Ministry has announced the launch of the third solar photovoltaic PPP project, under “Uzbek Solar” programme for the first quarter of 2021. The project, which is in line with the Concept Note for ensuring electricity supply in Uzbekistan in 2020-2030 and implementing a large-scale renewable energy strategy, is part of the 1GW solar programme mandate of International Finance Corporation (IFC).

“Following the success of Uzbek Solar 1 and high interest in Uzbek Solar 2, we are happy to announce that the start of this new project is planned for the February 2021, which shows that we are firmly on our way to new, sustainable, clean and diversified energy production in Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan’s Energy Minister Alisher Sultanov said. “We would like to thank the IFC for their support as lead advisor in structuring and tendering of up to 500MW solar PV projects in the Bukhara, Namangan and Khorazm regions,” he added.

Uzbekistan’s Energy Ministry said the project is anticipated to consist of three lots with a total capacity of 500 MW to be tendered out for the private partners under DFBOM model. One of the lots will also include a battery storage component.


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