US University Professor Allan Lichtman Predicts Joe Biden’s Win



The former Vice President Joe Biden will defeat President Donald Trump for the November elections, Professor of the US university, Allan Lichtman, who’s well known for forecasting American presidential stated precisely.

One of just a few forecasters who in 2016 expected Trump to become the 45th president while also rightly forecasting Trump’s presidency was Lichtman, a political historian who had predicted the results of every presidential election since 1984 with asterisks. He uses a system of “13 major factors” to determine who will win. Factors such as the benefits of incumbency, long-term and short-term economic statistics, scandals, social discontent and much more.

Lichtman assumes that the election will be a close one, predicting that seven keys push in the direction of Biden with his program, while six support Trump. According to Lichtman, Trump is a dictator, not just a serious primary opponent, but also a possible third party nominee. Those were some of the issues that Hillary Clinton damaged in 2016, and then Lichtman claimed that she was not a supporter and was a third party representative of Gary Johnson.

Democrats Defeat

And the same adverse impact for Trump may have been expected in Lichtman that the defeats of the Democrats in the 2014 mid-term elections had influenced the nation’s fight in 2016, GOP expected losing the House of Representatives in 2018. Not only do the Republicans’ defeats make Trump a zero in this group, but it also leads to the loss of another important factor: coping with the crisis, and his indictment, “and several more scandals,” says Lichtman.

The vast social unrest in this country also describes by Lichtman. This is as a reason to possibly assist Biden in demonstrations against racial inequality. Also, following the killing of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

In addition, after the economic fall due to the coronavirus, the Professor had long and short-term economic effects on Biden. In addition, Lichtman labelled Biden and Trump as not having the benefit of being charismatically charismatic. Thus, consider Biden as the “charism-base challenger” when he states Trump is a “great showman. But he appeals only to a small section of the people of the Americas.

He also said that in 2020 powers beyond key areas were at risk. Thus, including potential democratic repression and possible foreign-country intervention. Also, including Russia. He says that since Ronald Reagan’s re-election in 1984 he has correctly forecasted the winner of each presidential contest. While he predicts that the election wins back by former Vice President Al Gore in 2000. He remains at his forecast, saying that Gore won the popular vote. It is while former President Georg W. Bush won the electoral college after the ruling of the Supreme Court.



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