Ursula von der Leyen “seriously” plagiarized Jean-Claude Juncker



President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, has “seriously”, I would say, very “seriously”, proven better than her predecessor Jean-Claude Juncker.

Indeed, in a 2018 opinion piece, Juncker wrote: “Our brand of leadership is not about putting “Europe First”. Rather, it is about being the first to answer the call for leadership when it matters.”

Ursula von der Leyen, said it just two years later, in her annual “State of the Union” address, earlier today (September 16, 2020). “Our leadership is not about self-serving propaganda. It is not about Europe first. It is about being the first to seriously answer the call when it matters”.

I must confess that up until now Kassandra has been unfair to the president as we were under the impression that in this difficult time for Europe and the world, she was not good for doing great things. We were wrong. “Seriously” speaking, she is very good in “Copy and paste”.

P.S. Although he might, we do not think that Juncker will file any copyright claims. Indeed adding the word “seriously” is a significant alteration, and some might say innovation that only a true leader can master.




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