UK’s Royal Air Force releases video of C-17 landing on dirt runway



The British Royal Air Force (RAF) has released a short video that shows the C-17 Globemaster III  transport aircraft landed on a dirt runway.

British long-range, heavy-lift strategic transport aircraft performed take-off and landing testing on the semi-prepared runway as part of a test to expand the C-17 capabilities to land on dry and wet-dirt runways.

“Even on Semi-Prepared Runway Operations (SPRO), the C-17 can land and take off at 220 tonnes! That’s the equivalent of 37,000 medium turkeys or 9,700 6ft Christmas trees, to be precise!,” the 99 Squadron said in a Twitter post Saturday.


A semi-prepared runway is an unpaved landing surface which has been cleared of debris and obstructions.

As to the C-17, it is the aircraft of choice for strategic military operation due to its outsized cargo-carrying capacity, unlimited range due to air refueling and short landing capability.

C-17s can fly into more restrictive locations and areas under varying weather conditions in an effort to best meet the needs of the warfighter as well as providing rapid response at home and abroad in response to humanitarian relief operations.

These long range, heavy-lift strategic transport aircraft can operate close to potential area of operations for combat, peacekeeping and humanitarian missions worldwide.


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