Ukraine develops new air-dropped fast-attack vehicle



The Ukrainian armoured vehicle manufacturer Inguar has unveiled its concept of a new high-speed, maneuverable lightweight vehicle.

The new vehicle is developing to perform a wide sphere of combat missions; these include high-speed straight-on attacks, forward operating reconnaissance or scout units, coordinated air-dropped ground assault and multiple entry point integrated operations.

According to a company statement, a new fast-attack vehicle is light enough and compact enough to fit inside An-178 or C-130 cargo planes for air transportability.


The vehicle can scale a 60% incline and has a top speed of 180 km/h. It requires a crew of two, and can seat eight combat-ready dismounts.

A fast-attack vehicle can be configured with any type of remote controlled weapon station, and can typically be armed with either a machine gun (up to calibre 14,5mm) or an anti-tank missile weapon.

The company has offered concept the Commander of the Air Assault Troops of the Military Forces of Ukraine and said that to build first prototype for Ukrainian Air Assault Troops.


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