Ukraine awards contract to Excalibur Army for 26 DANA M2 howitzers



The Armed Forces of Ukraine have awarded the Excalibur Army a contract for supply 26 DANA M2 self-propelled howitzers, according to

The contract, from the Ukrainian Army and announced on Wednesday, is valued at more than $40 million.

Within the contract, Ukraine will receive an upgraded 152 mm self-propelled artillery guns which were in service with the Czech Army.


The howitzer has been designed to provide fire support, neutralize enemy firing positions and destroy enemy positions by indirect fire. It is ranked amongst the most traditional and well-proven artillery systems due to the extensive in-service history and production that commenced in the 1970‘s.

The number of howitzers produced is around 800 and thanks to the compatibility with its successors it is still in service as one of the leading active and effective battle-proven military system.

The DANA M2 howitzer is equipped with a powerful Onboard Control System which contains subsystems of diagnostics, navigation, automatic gun aiming, autonomous calculation of shooting elements and ammunition selection subsystem.

Thanks to the new more resistant cabin and the NBC filtration system the DANA M2 provides the crew with the highest level of comfort and protection. The newly implemented automatic guiding system allows fast and fully-automatic weapon adjustment into fire position.


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