U.S. Army shows how 70 tons of Freedom arriving in Europe looks



The U.S. Army has released a short video showing that’s what 70 tons of Freedom entering the United States European Command Area of responsibility looks like.

On Saturday, the 1st Squadron, 7th U.S. Cavalry Regiment press release said that the first Abrams tank rolls off the “Green Ridge” vessel at the Port of Antwerp, Belgium, marking the beginning of the seventh iteration of Army’s armored brigade support to Atlantic Resolve.

Soldiers deploying into military and commercial airports in Germany, Poland and Romania, while equipment arriving via ship to the Port of Antwerp, Belgium.


The announcement also noted that Personnel arriving for Atlantic Resolve take many actions to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. Before departing the U.S., Soldiers conducted pre-deployment Restriction of Movement and COVID testing. While traveling, all Soldiers wear masks and follow strict hygiene measures. Once in Europe, Soldiers will again quarantine and test before travelling throughout the continent.

“The protection of our Soldiers and the surrounding communities is our top priority,” the news release says.

As the seventh armored rotation in support of Atlantic Resolve, 1/1CD will conduct bilateral, multinational training events with more than a dozen NATO allies and partner nations. These exercises build readiness, enhance interoperability and strengthen relationships between U.S. forces and our allies and partners across the theater.


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