Top Republican slams Mark Meadows for talking about Trump's health – News Today


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For any copyright, please send me a message. A senior Republican questioned White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ approach to the President Donald Trump’s positive coronavirus diagnosis, saying it was ‘being handled badly.”Anyone taking medical/psychological advice from the chief of staff or his communications team should have their head examined,’ the senior Republican told’It is being handled badly,’ the person continued, ‘whether the president is fit as a fiddle or on his deathbed.’The White House created confusion Saturday with conflicting statements on how the president is doing with Meadows drawing fire for contradicting the information given out by Trump’s medical team.Trump’s personal physician Dr. Sean Conley said the president was doing ‘very well’ but Meadows told reporters after the briefing that Trump had a ‘very concerning’ situation on Friday and the next few days would be critical.The contradictory information immediately raised questions about the seriousness of the president’s infection – he is a high-risk category due to his age and weight – and how transparent the White House was being with the health of the nation’s leader. Adding to the image problem, Meadows, 61, originally asked to be identified a person familiar with the president’s condition when the quote was sent to the media via a pool report. But he was caught on camera talking to the small pool of reporters who follow the president on a daily basis outside of Walter Reed Medical Center, leading to him to be identified by name.  President Trump’s positive COVID diagnosis upended the White House and left many of his staff shell-shocked. The White House had perpetuated an untouchable image when it to combating the virus, arguing their testing measures meant staff and president alike were protected from the disease that has infected more than 7.41 million Americans.  Other Republicans have come out to criticize Meadows, who was a four-term conservative GOP congressman from North Carolina and top Trump ally on Capitol Hill when the president named his chief of staff. Former House Speaker John Boehner described to Politico his interactions with Meadows when they were both in the House, calling him ‘schizophrenic.’In 2013, Meadows helped plot a coup to try and overthrow Boehner as leader. When it failed, he begged the speaker for forgiveness, which Boehner granted. Then, in 2015, he voted against Boehner becoming speaker again.’Then he sends me the most gracious note you’ll ever read, saying what an admirable job I’ve done as speaker,’ Boehner told the newspaper. ‘I just figured he’s a schizophrenic.’ Also under question is Meadows’ motive in providing the alternative view of the president’s health, with a member of his