Today's HealthNews For You – Which exercise is better for your heart?


Today’s HealthNews For You – Which exercise is better for your heart?

Your Muscles Make Your Heart Stronger

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In today’s news, we look at how your skeletal muscles make your heart stronger.

Over 25% of North Americans over the age of 65 suffer from severe loss of skeletal muscle (sarcopenia), which significantly limits their daily activity.

Inactivity causes loss of skeletal muscles leading to loss of heart muscle.

When your heart becomes too weak to pump blood to your brain, you die.

A study of 900 heart failure patients found that lack of exercise put them at twice the risk of death within three years.

By strengthening your skeletal muscles through a regular exercise program you also strengthen your heart muscles.

Here are some exercises that are great for your skeletal muscles and heart muscles:

1. Resistance Training: Building muscles in your body is also good for your heart. Free weights, weight machines, resistance bands, push-ups, squats, and pull-ups all help you build muscle and contribute to heart health.

2. Interval Training: Interval training, alternating between short bursts of high-intensity exercise with longer periods of active recovery, raises and lowers your heart rate, which helps improve the function of your blood vessels.

For best results, it is recommended you spend a minimum of 20 minutes a day doing moderate exercise per week.

A healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a healthy diet such as the Metabolic Typing Diet is the best prescription for a healthy heart and a happy and healthy life.

Remember your best source for diet, nutrition, and supplement information is your Metabolic Typing Advisor, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner.

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