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In today’s news, recent studies show the majority of twenty-somethings are not getting enough Vitamin E. In fact, researchers have learned that over 90% of American adults age 20-30 are getting sub-optimal levels of Vitamin E, but it doesn’t stop there. Over 81% of people over 30 are also deficient in this essential vitamin.

Why is Vitamin E so important? It helps maintain reproductive, brain and liver function and is also important in maintaining the health of most major organs. This is especially critical in younger adults because adequate levels of Vitamin E are necessary for normal reproductive function. Many couples who are delaying child bearing until later in life and then having trouble conceiving or carrying to full term may be in fact suffering from Vitamin E deficiency.

It is known that Vitamin E sales in the US have declined significantly since the early 90s, and dropped by almost 50% between 2002-2006. Do you need to take a Vitamin E supplement?

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