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In today’s news, a recent study shows that consuming ginger, either dried or cooked, can be more effective than chemotherapy and radiation in treating the root cause of breast cancer.

How is it possible that this pungent root, often a key ingredient in many Asian food flavor profiles, could be a key component in curing breast cancer?

Research shows that cancer stem cells are at the root of a wide range of cancers, not just breast cancer. These cells are sometimes referred to as “mother cells” because they are responsible for producing all the different “daughter” cell types that makeup the tumor colony.

While cancer stem cells only constitute a very small percentage of the cells within any given tumor, they have the seeming “immortal” ability to self renew, are resistant to conventional chemotherapeutic agents, and are capable of creating new tumor colonies. Clearly, the cancer stem cells within a tumor must be destroyed for a long-term cure.

So where does something as seemingly innocuous as ginger come in? Scientists have learned that ginger produces a powerful stem cell that destroys cancer stem cells, and without the toxicity and harmful side affects that result from chemotherapy and radiation.

Ultimately, this new study adds to a growing body of research that supports natural substances as far superior to chemotherapy and radiation. Ginger root can be found in many supplements, teas, and can be used as ingredient in many dishes.

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