Today's Chiropractic HealthNews For You – Colon Cancer May Be Caused by Bacteria


Today’s Chiropractic HealthNews For You – Colon Cancer May Be Caused by Bacteria

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Colon Cancer May Be Caused by Bacteria

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In today’s news we look at a specific bacteria in the human colon that may be responsible for colon cancer.

Researchers at Harvard University and the VHIO Cancer Institute in Barcelona recently reported that:
Colon cancer may be caused by a bacterium, common in human colons called Fusobacterium nucleatum.

Fusobacterium is found in large amounts in colon cancer tissue.

It travels with the colon cancer when it spreads to the liver, and is passed in tissue cultures.

What you eat determines which types of bacteria grow in your colon because the bacteria eat the same foods that you do.

This may explain why foods such as red meat, processed meats, sugar-added foods and fried foods are associated with increased risk for colon cancer.

The highest load of Fusarium lives in the right side of the colon.

Bacteria in the right side of your colon get all of their food from the same foods that you eat, while the bacteria in your left side get the left overs.

Right-side colon cancer is more common and more likely to kill you than left-side colon cancer.

By taking charge of your health, which includes a diet rich with organic fruits and vegetable, whole grains and lean protein, drinking water and daily exercise, you can lower your risk of getting cancer.

Remember your best source for everything health is your chiropractor.

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