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Latest and trending evening breaking news of 29th may 2020.Get information on Central government,covid-19, Ministry of Health,Indian railways,lockdown 5,narendra modi,amit shah,weather today
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1. India ranked ninth in the cases of covid-19

In India, the case of covid-19 is continuously increasing, in the last few days more than 165000 cases have been reported in India. After which the problems of both the health ministry and the government have increased significantly, after the data released by the #MinistryofHealth on the previous day, India has come from tenth to ninth in the case of Kovid-19 affected.
2. Railways increased advance reservation deadline

With just a few days left for the fourth phase of the bandh to end, in the meantime, Indian Railways has extended the time limit for advance booking from 1 month to 4 months by providing relief to the passenger, the information of which was released by the #MinistryofRailways. And said that the advance reservation for all special trains has been increased from 30 to 120 days.
3. The fifth step of lock down can be seen more strongly

In view of the increasing impact of covid-19, where the central government has implemented the bandh across the country, preparations are being started for the fifth phase. Now, according to the news, if the effect of covid-19 is more in the fifth phase. Strictness can be shown. Under which the Cabinet Secretary #RajivGauba discussed this in the video conferencing meeting with the Chief Secretaries and Health Secretaries of the states on the previous day, under which they have discussed the fifth phase of the bandh.
4. Rain can give relief to people in the coming few days
5. Trump praised Prime Minister #NarendraModi once again
The friendship between US President Donald Trump and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is well known. The two leaders are seen praising each other the day they came, in this sequence, once again, US President Donald Trump, while showing his love for India, praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a very gentle person. He said that I like the Prime Minister of India very much.
7. Graduated vegetable seller helping the poor

This incident is from #Aurangabad in Maharashtra, where a graduated vegetable cart is attracting the attention of everyone by putting a vegetable vegetable on its board, it is written that if it is possible to buy vegetables, then take this word for free.
6. Home Minister #AmitShah talks to Chief Ministers regarding lock down 5

The fifth phase of the bandh is being discussed due to the increasing influence of Kovid-19, under which Home Minister Amit Shah held talks with the Chief Ministers of the state on the last day and considered the extension of the bandh.
8. #BookMyShow Removes 270 Jobs

9. Punjab model is being praised by America
10. Lock down can be extended for 15 days in Goa

Goa Chief Minister #PramodSawan has issued an announcement to pursue the fourth phase of the lock-down that ends on May 31. Under this, the decision has now been extended in Goa for 15 days and the duration of the bandh has been taken after talks with Union Home Minister Amit Shah, after which it is expected that after the fourth phase of the bandh is over, 15 Days may be extended further because the Chief Minister of Goa says that the speed of Kovid-19 patients in the country is constantly increasing, due to which the bandh is going to be correct at the moment.
11. England player #IanBatham praises #ViratKohli