The new role of business schools in our economy



Business schools, including France’s Insead and IESE in Spain, have a strong experience in promoting a new agenda for innovation and entrepreneurship, both of which will be new dynamic enablers in our economy. It is essential to mobilize universities, companies and other actors to the challenge of competitiveness. The experience of business schools is becoming ever more consolidated and, in a time of crisis, there is the real possibility of having new results with a concrete impact.  Business schools now have a strategic challenge towards the future with their experience. As a result, their role will be critical for the future.

The experience of business schools puts into action a collaboration of education, innovation and entrepreneurship which offers new solutions to different problems. This is very important during the pandemic if we’re going to settle on a new sort of solutions for the future.  Our economy must be a real platform for a more entrepreneurial society that is centered on new areas of knowledge and new sectors of value. That’s why the most dynamic European business schools have a particular responsibility in promoting new solutions to the new problems. They must be effective operators of modernity in creating more added value and involving different collaborative networks.

Business schools should promote a new set of studies that are oriented on the real added value of companies in the market and supported by the strategic knowledge and experience of managers and doctorates from the universities. The focus on innovation and knowledge as the drivers of creating added value with international dissemination is a challenge for the business schools. They must consolidate a new vision of ambition and hope, with value and creativity. It is important in this sequence that entrepreneurs and managers are able to redesign a new context of strategic cooperation focused in concrete impacts and results, with effective implications in a new standard of organization in the economy.

The experience of the business schools must be a point of departure for the future.  The quality of the knowledge provided must be the new competitive advantage of these Business Schools, pushed by a global idea of modernity, added value and excellence. This is a very clear idea that suits the big challenge that our society really faces and which requires new answers for different questions. The act of global participation in such a demanding society is an exercise of commitment between individual creativity and collective cooperation. This a unique challenge for business schools and to all of those that have special responsibilities in our economy and society.

The practical collaboration of relevant firms and universities/centers of innovation in the strategic ambition of business schools is an important step for the future – with a commitment to innovation, quality and creativity. The message will be right for the different individual and collective integration of ideas and solutions. The business school experience is a great challenge for our economies and societies and is an important contribution to a society that must be able to understand this new era. The contribution of business schools, with their new role, will be critical to a better future.


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