The Biker Baker (weapons searches) – Victoria Legal Aid Street law education kit


This video is part of an education program called Street Law. For more information go to

The program is designed to support educators and teachers in delivering legal education to young people about their legal rights and responsibilities when dealing with police and Protective Services Officers (PSOs).

An education kit is available that includes session plans, activities and links to legal information relating to each video. This video forms part of the ‘Weapons searches’ component of this kit. It is not intended as a stand-alone educational resource.


Title: The Biker Baker
[Image shows a notebook and pen resting on a wooden surface. A hand picks up the pen and writes text on the notebook: ‘Youthlaw Presents…’.]
[A hand turns the page and writes: ‘A Camera Electrica Production’.]
[The hand turns the page again, revealing text: ‘The Biker Baker’.]
[The page turns and reveals the animated character of the Biker Baker facing the viewer. He has a large moustache and he is wearing sunglasses. He is standing behind a table, with a mixing bowl and cooking ingredients in front of him.]
Biker Baker: People think I am a pretty tough guy. And I am. But it’s just that I really like baking. It’s just something that I really like doing. And I’m really good at it. I like to cook in my own style though, you know?
[Biker Baker stirs ingredients into the mixing bowl. Scene then changes to Biker Baker removing a giant cupcake from an oven.]
Biker Baker: So it was my girlfriend’s birthday the other day, and I baked her this giant, amazing birthday cupcake. All pink, with icing and everything.
[Scene changes to a young woman with her hair in a ponytail sitting on a rug reading a book.]
Biker Baker: I told her to meet me at the park for a picnic.
[Scene returns to Biker Baker standing behind the table. He is placing things in a picnic basket.]
Biker Baker: My plan was to bring a rug and some wine, and make it all nice and surprise her with the cake.
[Scene changes to the Biker Baker walking carrying the picnic basket. He is stopped by a police officer.]
Biker Baker: So I packed the cake, and all the picnic stuff in the basket, and I was walking down the street. But then this cop stops me, giving me all this attitude. He said he wanted to search the basket, so I let him.
[Police officer looks in the picnic basket and pulls out a knife.]
Biker Baker: And then he pulled out a cake knife and said it was a controlled weapon. I explained it was just to cut the cake. But he kind of laughed at me and didn’t believe it. And he ended up giving me a fine.
[Scene changes to the Biker Baker sitting on the picnic rug with his girlfriend, the picnic basket in front of them. He passes her the giant cupcake and she happily takes it.]
Biker Baker: So I finally got to the park and found my girlfriend. Gave her the cake and she was stoked.
[Scene changes to the Biker Baker’s girlfriend holding the giant cupcake in one hand and a spoon in the other. She looks sad.]
Biker Baker: But we had to cut it with a spoon.
[A hand turns the page of the notebook revealing text:
Directed by: James Fleming
Animated by: Simon Howe
Produced by: Annie Davis and James Fleming for Youthlaw
Sound recording and technical support: Hayden Layton
Narrated by Jeffrey O’Rourke
Reference performance by: Catherine Newman and Jake Ure
Concept by: Aidan Jenkin, Jordan Tate, Daniel McDonald, Roimaata Harris, Catherine Newman, Jake Ure, Jeffrey O’Rourke, Amelia Mazis, Zachariah Bloomhall
Camera Electrica
Youthworx Media
No Such Place
Funded by a grant from Victoria Law Foundation