The Artist (searches on public transport) – Victoria Legal Aid Street law education kit


This video is part of an education program called Street Law. For more information go to

The program is designed to support educators and teachers in delivering legal education to young people about their legal rights and responsibilities when dealing with police and Protective Services Officers (PSOs).

An education kit is available that includes session plans, activities and links to legal information relating to each video. This video forms part of the ‘Searches on public transport’ component of this kit. It is not intended as a stand-alone educational resource.


Title: The Artist
[Image shows a notebook and pen resting on a wooden surface. A hand picks up the pen and writes text on the notebook: ‘Youthlaw Presents…’.]
[A hand turns the page and writes: ‘A Camera Electrica Production’.]
[The hand turns the page again, revealing text: ‘The Artist’.]
[The page turns and reveals the animated character of the narrator, a young woman. She is wearing a hoodie and she has a backpack across her shoulder. She is facing away from the viewer and she is using a can of spray-paint to paint the wall in front of her.]
[The narrator turns to face the viewer. Two more animated characters enter the scene. One holding a clipboard, the other with their hands behind their back. They approach the narrator.]
Narrator: I was at a train station the other day just waiting for my train. And then one of those Protective Services Officers came up to me. You know the ones. They kind of look like police but they’re not.
Narrator: Well, he came up to me and he was like, “what’s that paint on your hands? I’m going to need to search your backpack.”
[The narrator holds her backpack close in front of her.]
Narrator: And then I was like, “aren’t you just a ticket inspector? You can check my ticket but forget about the bag mate.” This PSO, he must have been a trainee or something ‘cause this transit cop was standing behind him and he was all quoting the book like, “you are on railway premises and I have the power to search you under the Graffiti Prevention Act.” And I said “Search me for what?”
[Protective Services Officer reaches into the narrator’s bag and pulls out a can of spray-paint.]
Narrator: Then he said, “for this.” And I was like “Well, oh that? I need that for my work.” And he was like, “oh really, you need that for your work? What kind of work do you do then?” And I said “Well, mostly giant tags, but some murals, like that one.”
[Narrator points to the wall behind her.]
Narrator: So I got fined for carrying a spray can on public transport property. Of all the things to get done for, I get done for that.
[Image shows Protective Services Officer scribbling in notepad as the narrator looks annoyed.]
[A hand turns the page of the notebook revealing text:
Directed by: James Fleming
Animated by: Simon Howe
Produced by: Annie Davis and James Fleming for Youthlaw
Sound recording and technical support: Hayden Layton
Narrated by Amelia Mazis

Reference performance by: Amelia Mazis
Concept by: Aidan Jenkin, Jordan Tate, Daniel McDonald, Roimaata Harris, Catherine Newman, Jake Ure, Jeffrey O’Rourke, Amelia Mazis, Zachariah Bloomhall
Camera Electrica
Youthworx Media
No Such Place
Funded by a grant from Victoria Law Foundation