Terrifying video shows Mexican Mi-17 crash landing



Terrifying footage has emerged of the crash landing of a Mexican Navy Mi-17 helicopter on Saturday.

Video of a Mi-17 MTV-1 Mexican Navy that was severely damaged during landing at Villahermosa-Capitan Carlos Perez Airport, Tabasco surfaced on Youtube Saturday morning.

The details were given in a 17 October media release by the Mexican Navy Secretariat, to announce that five of the eight people on board were injured.


In a statement presented by the Mexican Navy Secretariat said the injured were in stable condition for non-life threatening injuries ranging from minor abrasions and lacerations to fractures.

The incident occurred during the taxiing of the helicopter (taxiing along the runway) during landing, after the crew returned from a reconnaissance flight in the area due to heavy rains.

The Navy helicopter crashed into a control tower in the airport’s landing zone, while rolling down the runway. The accident occurred at 9:38 am.


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