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Here is An interview with Dr Gummadi Anuradha, Telangana’s first Adivasi law professor.

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It’s been only three years since Dr Gummadi Anuradha, 33, began teaching at Osmania University’s College of Law in Hyderabad, but the assistant professor has already become a popular face at the institution. Born into a Koya family, an Adivasi tribal community in Tekulagudem in interior Khammam district, Anuradha is the first woman from the community to reach this position in the state.

Besides teaching at the university, Anuradha has also been working with tribal students from the interiors of the state, assisting them with guidance in pursuing their higher education, counselling and materials they require. Anuradha believes that her background as a student from a state-run tribal welfare school, as well as a fierce activist of the Progressive Democratic Students Union (PDSU), has helped determine her current path. Though she considered becoming an IAS officer, she instead decided to follow her passion for legal studies.

Anuradha’s father, Gummadi Narsaiah is a well-known politician and a five-time MLA of the ST-reserved Yellandu Assembly constituency from CPI (ML) New Democracy. Narsaiah is known for his simplicity and active participation in the land-forest rights movement in the region.

TNM spoke to Prof Gummadi Anuradha about her inspiring journey and her views on several issues.

Prof Anuradha, you have inspired many students, especially those from marginalised backgrounds who have just started university. How does it feel?

If my journey is inspiring, it definitely makes me feel good. If we believe in hard work and readiness to engage, we will definitely be paid back one day, if not soon.

There is constant conflict between Adivasis and certain laws. We see Adivasi communities being forced to leave their roots in the name of development. What is your view on this?

There are several laws for safeguarding the rights of tribals as guaranteed in the Fifth Schedule of the Constitution, but in reality, there is a lot of contention and conflict when it comes to implementing them. Most of the time, the Adivasis are forced to leave or evicted for the sake of development projects. If the laws such as RoFR (The Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers / Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006. and PESA (The Provisions of the Panchayats (Extension to the Scheduled Areas) Act, 1996 are not implemented properly, there is serious threat to the very existence of certain tribal groups.

Being a faculty of law and a person who comes from a location where conflict is common, I understand the purpose of laws and the challenges that come in the course of implementing them. There should be a proactive attempt to create awareness among people about their rights.


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