Talent must be our investment for the future



We are living in a time of uncertainty and great complexity. After a very difficult 2020, there are individual and collective expectations facing the new year. In the post-pandemic society, talent will be the driver of innovation and creativity in an economy that is becoming more reliant on redefining its value chain as it tries to integrate global networks with new ideas, solutions and proposals of competence. Talent will be imperative as part of a contract of trust and the new agenda of change, as well as an effective vision for the future.

Investing in talent will be the great challenge for our next public policies. Talent has become the bridge between those that believe in the power of people who can create new solutions with new ideas to more complex problems that are arising in society and those that want innovation and creativity to be the platform of creation of value in a globally competitive economy. Investing in talent is the confirmation of a process of evolution of the integration of people in society. Individual contribution must also be a commitment to the organization of society and its main elements. After the pandemic comes to an end, our society must have a consistent commitment to the future.

One of the drivers of this talent agenda is a connection to a new sense of intellectual risk. People often have an effective negative attitude towards financial risk, but instead, focus on innovation and sharing positive dynamics. We need society to have a new challenge. Society must be able to be the real platform of a more entrepreneurial society that is centered on new areas of knowledge and new sectors of value. In a modern and active society, the keyword is co-creation. To promote a dynamic and active creation process that involves each citizen is the biggest challenge for society in the coming years. Central to that will an investment into talent that promotes a new sort of trust and competence in the way we face the challenges of the future.

In the new year, our economy and society will face a global challenge. This agenda of change will demand new articulations and relations between the different actors that belong to this peculiar ecosystem. People in organizations must be involved and integrated into this context of strategic purpose that our institutions face in these new times that we are living through. Those organizations that have the capacity to mobilize their best talents for an effectively driven value agenda will be the most capable when it comes to successfully facing challenges of a demanding future.

Talent will be the key to a contract of ambition. We must understand that in an open society, where the integration of people is a signal of a positive contribution to the future, an ambition of excellence is essential. We need to believe in the capacity of people to give society a strategic capability that is essential to the challenges of the future. This the message of a new challenge for people and for society. It is also the answer for a new generation of talents that know that the key to success is based on freedom and equality.  With this answer, we will have the necessary conditions to be present in our common agenda for the future.


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