Spanish parents challenge back to school orders



Many Spanish parents are refusing to send their children back to class amid a record rise in coronavirus infections in the county as the new school year begins.

According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Spain has the highest infection rate in Western Europe.

Despite the rapid spread of the virus, Spain is reopening schools this month, but parents fear that sending their children to school will put older family members at risk in a country where one in four families live with a relative who is over 65.

The families contesting the status quo say Spain’s constitution gives them freedom to keep their children away from school. But there is neither a legal umbrella for homeschooling, nor is there a system that sets standards for studying at home.

Spain’s health ministry said Monday that the total number of Covid-19 infections has risen to 525,000, meaning that infections spiked again last week, with nearly 9,000 new daily cases.


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