South Korean military retires its UH-1 Huey helicopters



The Republic of Korea Army retired its UH-1H Huey helicopters after 52 years of service.

South Korean UH-1N Huey service has flown 792,000 hours and 146,000,000 km and being officially retired from service on July 31st.

The Army has operated 129 UH-1H choppers. They flew an accumulated 792,000 hours over 146 million kilometers during the period, it said. The basic UH-1 design predates the Vietnam War.


The UH-1H choppers were mobilized in various missions and trainings, as well as in rescue operations and fire suppression activities.

Replacing the UH-1H choppers is South Korea’s indigenous multi-role chopper Surion.

The Surion is the first homegrown helicopter which the Korean military started to develope in 2006 with the aim of replacing the old and superannuated helicopters which they currently operates and nurturing the local helicopter industry. Under the support of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and DAPA, KAI set out for developing the Surion and finished making its maiden flight in 2010.

굿바이 UH-1H 역사 속을 날다.

오늘 UH-1H #퇴역식 이 있었습니다.1968년부터 지금까지 장장 52년의 시간 동안 대한민국의 영공을 지켜온 UH-1H는 월남전, 공중기동·강습훈련, 인명구조, 대민지원 등다양한 분야에서 활약했는데요.함께 역사를 걸어온 전우들의생생한 이야기를 통해 발자취를 되짚어봅니다.#ADIOS #UH1H #육군 #항공

Опубліковано 대한민국 육군 (Republic of Korea Army) Понеділок, 27 липня 2020 р.


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