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Equipment list:
Sony a6400 camera

Sony lense

Gopro max

Gopro chest strap

Siru monopod

#1ontrendingyoutube #1stonscene #sgvnewsfirst
all, thanks for watching my content. Welcome to SGV NEWS FIRST, WE STAND FOR OUR FREEDOM AND DEFEND OUR RIGHTS ON THE STREETS. This is a news worth video bringing to light CORRUPTION on the streets. Exposing bullies is what we do best. We will stand for our rights and defend our freedom. All content on this channel is a SGV NEWS FIRST PRODUCTION, FILMED EDITED AND UPLOADED BY JOSE GONZALEZ, THE OWNER OF SGV NEWS FIRST. ALL CONTENT IS EXCLUSIVE TO THIS CHANNEL (SGV NEWS FIRST) AND SHOULD NOT BE DUPLICATED, REPRODUCED, REBROADCASTED, OR EDITED TO REPOST ON OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS. ***No one has permission to use any of my content or download any of my videos from youtube. ***No one has permission to MIRROR my videos for content creating revenue. Anyone mirroring my content for revenue will receive a copyright submission for review by youtube support team. *** The best way to support my channel is to share the links on social media OUTLETS. PAYPAL NEW MERCH: EMAIL: [email protected] [email protected] GO FUND ME: THIS IS A EDUCATIONAL VIDEO ON STANDING UP FOR OUR RIGHTS COVERED UNDER THE 1ST AMENDMENT, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. PLEASE SUPPORT MY OTHER CHANNEL (DEFEND OUR FREEDOM)( ) PREPARE YOURSELVES AND LEARN ABOUT UNLAWFUL ORDERS BY LAW ENFORCEMENT. LEARN WHAT TO DO IF HARASSED, PROFILED AND INTIMIDATED BY THE POLICE. PLEASE READ ABOUT YOUR RIGHTS STARTING WITH THE 1ST AMENDMENT. THIS IS A SGV NEWS FIRST PRODUCTION PLEASE HELP SUPPORT THE FIGHT TO FREEDOM BY DONATING TO I am giving YouTube full PERMISSION to use certain videos of mine for commercials purposes. I am also aware since I am giving youtube permission to use certain videos of mine for commercial purposes that I will forfeit any Revenue that those commercials may bring in, In exchange of having my videos recommended more often plus receiving more views and more subscribers