Some first time buyers taking average of 15 years to save for house deposit



First-time home buyers are facing an affordability gap of more than €100,000 in urban areas around the country.

An analysis by The Irish Home Builders’ Association shows it is now taking some over 15 years on average to save for a deposit.

It says more people should be given waivers from the Central Bank’s mortgage earning limits to try and bridge the gap.

Spokesman James Benson says renters thinking of buying also need help.

“If you have a case where an average couple, or a young couple, are able to pay rent at a certain rate and that is in excess of what it would be for your mortgage re-payment, we have a structural issue in the housing system. Consideration should be given, in our view, for rent and income to be taken into account when people are applying for a mortgage.

“Equally in any given year you have 20 per cent discretion so if that was increased for first-time buyers it might increase affordability and supply.”


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