Social Media Goes Gaga Over Trump and Melania’s ‘Hand Brush’



Social media lit up with a seemingly innocent moment between the US president and the First Lady as they departed from Air Force One. President Donald Trump and Melania Trump had come back from his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, to Washington. When the pair descends the aircraft’s stairs, Ms Trump appears to brush aside repeated attempts by the president to hold his hand. Some suggested the First Lady should actually hang on to her dress to protect her in strong winds.

The trivial moment comes as the president turns his attention to the forthcoming election, where since June the lead of rival Joe Biden among registered voters has narrowed. A majority of voters (53 per cent) on the eve of the party conventions are “highly enthusiastic” about participating in this year’s election, a record high in CNN polls in presidential election cycles dating to 2003.

The Voters

Overall, 50% of registered voters back the Biden-Harris ticket. It is while 46% state they support Trump and Pence, right at the plus or minus 4 percentage points error range of the poll. Biden’s lead over Trump increased to 53 per cent to 46 per cent. It is of the 72 per cent of voters who say they ‘re either high. Or very enthusiastic about voting this Fall. Nonetheless, it’s smaller for those voters living in the states that will have the most effective this fall on the electoral college.

Overall, CNN polling indicates 54% disapproval of how Trump handles his role as president and 42% approve. That’s been an improvement since June, and almost on par with earlier this year’s Trump ratings. This also landed the President at the bottom of a list of unprecedented approval ratings. It is for presidents seeking reelection just ahead of their conventions nominating them. Trump lands ahead of Jimmy Carter (33% approval) and George H.W. Bush (35%), but less than Barack Obama (48%), George W. Bush (49%), Bill Clinton (53%) and Ronald Reagan (54%).

Trump’s level of favourability remains nationally underwater (43 per cent see him favourably, 55 per cent unfavourably). It is marginally lower than Biden’s 46 per cent favourable to 47 per cent unfavourable even split. Nonetheless, voters’ opinions on the two candidates are almost identical in the swing states. 52 per cent have an unfavourable opinion of Biden, 54 per cent Trump. All candidates in those states are viewed favourably by 45 per cent.


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