Shooting Outside White House, President Donald Trump Evacuated



A sudden shooting took place outside White House Secret Service guards shot an individual who was apparently armed on Monday outside President Donald Trump residence. White House revealed just after Trump was quickly evacuated in the middle of a press conference. The president was out of the press gathering, and black-clad secret service agents raced across the lawn north of the White House with automatic weapons.

Minutes later, at the press conference, where journalists were locked in, Trump reappeared and announced that someone was shot outside the White House grounds. The situation was calm outside the White House but a portion of the nearby streets had been closed off, with a number of police and other official vehicles converging to the intersection of 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. Philipos Melaku, a protester who has been protesting in front of the White House for years, said at about 5:50 pm (2150 GMT) he heard a shot fired.

After the security scare, Trump returned to the White House podium almost immediately where he resumed his scheduled press conference.


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