Russian Mi-24 helicopter gunship shot down in Armenia



On Monday, the Mil Mi-24 attack helicopter of the Russian Armed Forces was shot down in Armenia, multiple news outlets reported.

The Russian military officials also have confirmed one of its military helicopters crashed in Armenia on Monday.

“On November 9, at about 17:30 Moscow time, a Russian Mi-24 helicopter came under fire from the ground from a man-portable air-defense system when accompanying a vehicle convoy of the 102nd Russian military base on the territory of the Republic of Armenia in the airspace close to the Armenian settlement of Yeraskh near the border with the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (the Republic of Azerbaijan),” the Russian Defense Ministry stated.


Armenia’s emergency service said a Russian helicopter was down and burn.

Officials said the crash was under investigation.

Azerbaijan says it ‘accidentally’ shot down Russian Mi-24 helicopter

Video footage, some of which is seen below, circulated widely on social media purportedly showing a place of the Russian Mi-24 crash.


Armenia hosts the 102nd Russian Military Base under the interstate treaty signed in 1995. The treaty was amended in 2010 to extend the base’s stay in Armenia from 25 years to 49, or to 2044. The base is headquartered in the country’s northwest city of Gyumri.


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