Russia unveils new Abakan anti-ballistic missile defense system



Russia’s state arms group Almaz-Antey Group has unveiled the newest Abakan air defense system during the Army-2020 international military and technical forum on Sunday.

The new Abakan system is an anti-ballistic missile defense system designed to strike ballistic targets, according to the company officials.

Abakan is a highly mobile system featuring the truck BAZ chassis. The BAZ can tackle a maximum gradient of 57 %, side slope of 38%, fording depth of 1.4m, and trench of 1.5m.


Military analyst and editor of the World of Air Defense website, Said Aminov also shared the photo of the new 51P6E2 launcher of the Abakan system which was displayed during the exhibition. The launcher is equipped with two missiles container-launcher tubes. These tubes are raised to the vertical for missile launch and are carried horizontally for travel.

On the 51P6E2 launcher unit, the engagement radar is mounted at the front of the launcher on a scissors-type mount which gives it a full 360º coverage in azimuth as well as full hemispheric coverage in elevation.


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