Ruling party in Georgia wins parliament vote, opposition protests



Georgia’s governing party has won the parliamentary election, according to preliminary results by the country’s Central Election Commission on Sunday, but the opposition rejected the results.

With more than 99% of ballots counted, the Georgian Dream party had received 48.1% of Saturday’s vote, according to the commission. The biggest opposition alliance, led by the United National Movement party, got 27.1%.

Georgian Dream has held a strong majority in the 150-seat parliament for 8 years. The party has nominated current prime minister Giorgi Gakharia to stay on the job.

The opposition, however, has accused the ruling party of vote-rigging and thousands of people took to the streets to protest. It has also accused Georgian Dream of pursuing pro-Russian policies while claiming to be Western-oriented.

Both the government and the opposition would like to see Georgia join the European Union and NATO. A fifth of the country’s territory is controlled by pro-Russian separatists following a short war with Russia in 2008.

According to the Georgia’s constitution, a party would need to secure more than 40.54% of the vote to form a government.


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