Recruitment firm seeks injunction against former employees and company



A recruitment agency is seeking a High Court injunction restraining three former employees from using confidential information which the agency says they acquired during their employment with it.

Mason Alexander Ltd of Haddington Road, Dublin, seeks injunctions against Steven Bell, of Parkview, Carrickhill, Portmarnock, John Clark, Palmerston Road, Ranelagh, and Brendan Hennessy, Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, all Dublin. It also seeks an injunction against data processing and hosting company Spark Digital & Analytics Ltd, also of Palmerston Road, Ranelagh.

Earlier this week the company was granted permission by the court to serve at short notice the proceedings on the defendants.

When the case returned on Friday, Ms Justice Leonie Reynolds adjourned it for a further three weeks after she was told efforts are to be made in the meantime between the lawyers on each side to resolve the matter.

Mason Alexander seeks injunctions against the first three defendants restraining them from breaching the post-termination restrictions in their contracts of employment, from keeping using or divulging confidential information obtained during their employment and from keeping or using the agency’s intellectual property.

An order is also sought requiring them to return all documents, materials and related files relating to Mason Alexander’s business and clients.

The injunction against Spark Digital & Analytics seeks the return of all materials and restraining the keeping or using of intellectual property.



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