Polish President Duda tests positive for COVID-19



Poland’s President Andrezj Duda has tested positive for COVID-19, his spokesperson said on Saturday.

Blazej Spychalski, who himself also tested positive for the virus and went into quarantine, added that Duda, 48 was tested on Friday and “feeling well” at the time of the diagnosis.

“I didn’t have and I don’t have any symptoms, especially the serious ones like lack of taste or lack of smell, but the result of the test is absolutely clear,” Duda said in a video message posted on Twitter.

“I feel good right now. I will spend the upcoming days in self-isolation along with my wife and I will be working remotely; it’s not a problem at all.”

On Friday, Duda had visited the National Stadium in Warsaw, which is being transformed into a hospital to cover the country’s increasing hospitalisation needs, while he also met Iga Swiatek, a 19-year-old tennis player who won the French Open this year. 

Duda’s infection came amid an alarming spike in infections across the country, with cases hitting a new daily record of over than 13,600 on Friday. The country went into a “red zone” lockdown on Saturday, extending the Coronavirus restrictions.

Under the new measures, restaurants and bars closed on Saturday for two weeks, along with pools, gyms and primary schools. Public gatherings are limited to five people and masks are mandatory in all outdoor public spaces.



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