Polish Army receives first PILICA anti-aircraft missile system



Poland’s minister of national defense Mariusz Błaszczak said Friday that the first PILICA anti-air missile and artillery system (PSR-A) has been officially handed over to the 3rd Air Defense Missile Brigade.

Tne nesh short-range air defense system developed by the PGZ-PILICA Consortium, which consists of PGZ Group companies: PGZ S.A., PIT-RADWAR S.A., PCO S.A. and Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów as the system integrator. The system was developed to respond to a request from the Polish Armed Forces.

The PILICA system consists of 6 air-defense fire units including artillery tractors, a command station, a radar station, 2 transport vehicles and 2 ammunition vehicles. Each air-defense fire unit of the PSR-A PILICA system consists of two 23 mm caliber cannons and two GROM/PIORUN anti-aircraft missile launchers. Each set has its own optoelectronic head with a thermal imaging camera and laser rangefinder. This configuration provides the PILICA system with the ability to perform autonomous operations, but also to operate within an integrated, multi-layered anti-aircraft defense as a very short range system (VSHORAD).


According to PGZ Group, the integrated computer system ensures high target detection and identification effectiveness.

PSR-A PILICA will work with command and anti-air defense systems of NATO countries, and its purchase will be yet another step towards reinforcing Poland’s anti-air defense capabilities.

Source PGZ Group


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