Payments under Calf Investment Scheme commence



Payments have commenced under the Calf Investment Scheme, the Minister for Agriculture Dara Calleary, has announced.

The Minister said the scheme was put in place in advance of the Spring calving season “with a view to ensuring the highest possible calf welfare outcomes”.

He also pointed to how the scheme will provide targeted support to the rearing of beef calves from the dairy herd as well as replacement heifer calves born on Irish dairy farms.

“I am delighted with the level of interest in this scheme and I encourage anyone that received approval to purchase their equipment and submit their payment claim as soon as possible,” Mr Calleary added.

“I would remind all approved applicants that their application for payment must be submitted by the extended deadline of September 30, 2020, at the latest.”

Meanwhile, the Calf Investment Scheme was launched last December and opened for applications in January.

Since then, over 2,300 applications have been received and approved under the scheme.

“The primary policy objective of the scheme is to support farmers in ensuring the welfare of calves born on Irish dairy farms and recognising the operational challenges associated with feeding in the early weeks of their lives.

“The investment focus is on supporting calf feeding systems such as computerised calf feeders, milk carts with mixer included and calf teat feeders.

“When a farmer purchased one of these items, they were also eligible to receive support for the purchase of other items, such as calf milk heaters, calf forage/hay racks, calf meal troughs, calf feed barriers and calf pen dividers.”

The Minister is also reminding potential applicants that the closing date for Tranche 18 of TAMS II has been extended to August 21st, 2020.


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