Oxford Business College 2020 -The Cake Shop


Oxford Business College -The Cake Shop

Few could have predicted how 2020 would unfold. For those investing in a new business venture at the start of the year, the months that followed turned out to be particularly challenging.

One entrepreneur who found themselves in such a position was Joanne Bunting, who decided to buy The Cake Shop in February 2020. The Cake Shop is one of the oldest shops of its kind in central Oxford, trading since 1986. Its’ Oxford store is based in the city’s historic Covered Market, and they own another shop in the nearby town of Banbury. Joanne saw the shop as an investment opportunity, but just 7 weeks after buying the business, they had to close their doors as the UK locked down.

Undeterred, Joanne has a bright vision for the business now that the lockdown has eased, with plans for a refit of the shop, a rebrand, a new marketing direction and a new e-commerce driven website. As part of Oxford Business College’s outreach initiative with local businesses, Natalia Kurteczko went to meet Joanne to find out how the business fared during those difficult months of lock down, and how they’re looking to develop and grow going forward. Check out Natalia’s video interview.