North Korea unveils next-generation short-range ballistic missile



North Korea held a new night-time military parade on Thursday, attended by leader Kim Jong-un.

Thursday parade celebrated a major ruling party meeting at which Kim vowed maximum efforts to bolster his nuclear and missile program.

During the parade, the North Korean military displayed what appeared to be a new version of its mobile short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) system.


The next-generation short-range ballistic missile based on an improved version of wheeled transporter-erector-launcher that similar to a platform that used for the KN-23 system.

The new system is equipped with two solid-propellant single-stage guided missiles an external resemblance to the Russian Iskander-M and South Korean Hyunmoo-2B SRBMs. It is believed to have a range of some 450 km with a 500 kg warhead, putting all of South Korea within range, though it is possible to extend range out to 690 km with a reduced payload; warhead is likely to be unitary, submunition, or possibly nuclear.


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