North Carolina Prisoner’s Body Camera Shows his Final Moments



Videos of a North Carolina prisoner’s body camera show his death days after being arrested and fighting with guards to get up and ring for his mom and shouting more than two decades after he was stopped. The videos released today demonstrate the moment when a nurse in Winston-Salem County prison told John Neville, 56, he had been confiscated.

On December 4th, three days after his arrest on a warrant accusing him of assaulting a woman, Neville died of brain injury in a local hospital. On the death of Neville in July five former prison officers and a nurse were accused of involuntary killings. Video of a cardiac camera shows the nurse with blue surgical gloves, which initially appears to be unresponsive, kneeling next door to Neville.

A guard tells you to calm down and explains that he has a medical condition. A squad of four out of five guards pushes him onto his stomach and fucks his hands back as he struggles. They put an armchair on his back and stood him up, walked through him through a door and lowered him into a chair while he grumbled and breathed hard.

Neville’s Jail Life

A guard then lowers him through several corridors in the chair until the recording of the body camera ends approximately 19 minutes. Neville is moved into a small cell in the second video, which lasts almost 26 minutes.

A guard tells him that he had a medical episode and he must relax. Once in cell, Neville is taken out of the chair by five officers and placed on a mattress. He screamed that at least 25 times before a guard used bolster cutters to remove the handcuffs which a key broke. He was not able to breathe. A guard knows at one point that his handcuffs belong to him.

Soon, Neville stops shouting, and while the officers are asking him whether he’s okay, the video doesn’t answer. Then his legs are folded up and locked up in the room. The officers returned. The latter scene shows the nurse standing at Neville’s window. The nurse seems to suggest in a faint voice that Neville did not breathe.

Last Breath

The guards enter the cell again and the nurse checks Neville, who makes a moan. The nurse puts his stethoscope into practice. Then says to the guards “I can’t hear a rhythm”. Neville needs to roll on his back to be treated. She requests and conducts CPR on a defibrillator. In a neurophysiology study, he also reported asphyxiating while being restrained, Neville sustained a brain injury when his heart stops pounding, which deprives the brain of oxygen. The video evoked tears, said Mike Grace, an attorney for the family of Neville.

Grace told us that Neville wasn’t a concern. But he said that it was such an insensitivity that caused him to die. Grace described the death of Neville as a commission rather than as a loss.

Yesterday, during an information conference on the death of a man, Forsyth County Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough excused Neville ‘s family. Thus, saying he too cried after watching the movie. He said that the death of Neville had contributed to improvements. It is in preparation for medical practitioners, calling part of Neville’s prison.


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