Nigerian anti-terrorism operation marks combat debut of Chinese VT4 tank



Chinese-made most advanced main battle tank made its combat debut in Nigerian anti-terrorism operation during a clash with Boko Haram militants in the northeast of the country

The Nigerian government has announced that it launches a large-scale military operation against Boko Haram militants, whose name means “Western education is forbidden” in the local Hausa language, and deployed new combat vehicles, including new Norinco VT4 main battle tanks in the northeast.

The Nigeria Army chief showed an image of tanks during a new offensive against Boko Haram militants, which called the “Operation Tura Takai Bango”.


The VT4 is a third-generation main battle tank with a 125mm smoothbore gun and carousel automatic loading system developed by the China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO). For close support and anti-personnel fire, the VT4 carries a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun and what is most likely the Type 88 12.7 mm machine gun, which is cupola-mounted for the commander’s use.

The first batch of VT4 tanks has arrived in Nigeria in April 2020.

The Boko Haram insurgency, which erupted in northeast Nigeria in 2009, has killed more than 30,000 people and forced about 2 million to flee their homes.


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