New jobs announced in Wicklow with virus-killing product



There are 10 new jobs being created in Wicklow with a product that claims to kill the majority of germs on school desks.

Irish company RV International in Bray has partnered with a German company to roll out a desk pad which it says will help reduce germ transmission between children and teachers.

The German company has developed a patented water-based varnish it claims kills 99.95 per cent of all known viruses through oxidation, following the discovery of an antimicrobial agent at the University Hospital Regensburg.

CEO of RV International Rory Vance hopes his company’s change of focus might help schools stay open when pupils return at the end of the month.

“From a work point of view it’s been great, because we’ve actually been very very quiet… as many industries across the country have been,” he said.

“We were looking for new opportunities and we came across one a few months ago, and we’ve been able to use this now and apply it to this particular product which we hope will help students and teachers alike to move forward and stay in school.”

“This closes gaps in hygiene, reduces the risk of germ transmission and consequently increases safety for our children and teachers,” he said.

Mr Vance said three of the new positions have already been filled, while the company will recruit for the other seven over the next 12 months, primarily in sales and logistics.


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