New educational episode! Groovy the Martian | Phoebe shares her healthy fruit ice cream with Groovy


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Groovy and Phoebe are enjoying a super fun beach day!
Both are eating a healthy fruit ice cream. Groovy’s one has lots of balls of different flavours, he’s too gluttonous!
But he’s not careful and his ice cream falls into the sand, what a pity!
It’s a good thing that Phoebe ends up sharing her ice cream with Groovy, after giving it some thought.
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‘Groovy The Martian’ is an educational cartoon show for toddlers that invites kids to explore and learn about important topics such as nutrition, diversity, inclusion, friendship, recycling, respect for nature and animals. The show reinforces all topics learned at school while having fun.
Groovy is a little Martian who came to Earth looking for adventures together with his friend Pops. When they meet Phoebe, a small but very brave girl, they instantly become best friends!
Together, they will enjoy lots of adventures while learning about the world they discover! However, nothing is ordinary when it comes to this little Martian: Groovy has the incredible ability to turn into anything he wants! And your kids will have to help Groovy decide the right transformation to solve the problems they face.
If you like shows like Peppa Pig, Masha and the Bear, Paw Patrol, Morphle, Car City, Tayo, Pocoyo or Ben and Holly’s little kingdom then you will love the fun loving times you will enjoy with Groovy the Martian and his friends.