Michelle Obama Talks on DNC 2020 Opening Night



The Democratic National Convention 2020 opening night was unlike all others before it. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, performers and speakers gathered virtually, coming to the living rooms of American people from states across the nation. The event focused largely on COVID-19, Democratic racial justice and testimonials – such as former first lady Michelle Obama – who called former vice president Joe Biden to be a man of compassion to unite the country. The evening also included comments from Republicans including former presidential nominee John Kasich who endorsed Biden now. Here’s a rundown of some of the highlights:

Former first lady Michelle Obama highlighted the first day of speeches by saying that the presidential election would expose the nation’s character. Obama, wearing a gold necklace that worded out “VOTE,” urged voters to give Biden an overwhelming victory to turn out in force. She said Trump had seriously mishandled the pandemic, which claimed more than 170,000 lives and left millions unemployed, and said he lacked the experience and moral compass required to lead the nation through the crisis.

Obama also criticized the government’s response to protests from Black Lives Matter and its treatment of migrant families at the border. Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who ran in Republican primaries against Trump in 2016, hosted the event and opened his remarks by standing at the intersection of two gravel roads and stating that the country was at a crossroads. He noted he was a proud Republican and had disagreements with some of the policies of Biden, but those differences were part of the structure of the political system in America.

Republican Voters Highlight

He ended his remarks with a plea to other Republicans and independents who may have concerns about Biden’s vote, including those who backed Trump in 2016. Many Republicans speaking at the convention include former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman; former Rep. Susan Molinari, R-N.Y.; and Quibi CEO Meg Whitman, who ran as a Republican for the governor of California.

The segment was accompanied by a video montage highlighting countrywide Republican voters who endorsed Trump and are now preparing to vote for Biden. The Democrats tried for the first time in history to test drive a virtual nominating convention because of the coronavirus pandemic. So what was it like? Monday’s two-hour event gave a glimpse of what the electorate would see when they tune in over the next two weeks during the duration of the Democratic event and next week’s Republican convention: highly crafted videos showcasing participants, a Zoom-meeting like politicians’ speeches, and a moderator shifting rapidly from segment to segment.

George Floyd’s Death

The event featured some uncomfortable delays in their living rooms between speakers, and even virtual cheers from supporters, but was mostly free from technological failures. The Democratic National Convention’s first minutes, which largely abandoned its physical activities in Milwaukee, featured a national anthem sung by children from many states, George Floyd’s family, a dialogue with small business owners, a Leon Bridges appearance and a Biden moderated discussion with racial justice activists.

Modern conventions also featured identical videos and musical performances between keynote speakers, but cable and broadcast networks often used the opportunity to provide commentary on the coming speakers. The entire event was largely run by cable networks covering the DNC – giving the party an uninterrupted platform to show not only high-profile remarks but also the ad-like videos that accompanied them.

The forum on Monday focused on the issues that have overwhelmingly shaped. It is the past few months, from the coronavirus to the nation’s grappling with racial inequality. The gathering included family members of George Floyd. He was a black man whose death in May sparked nationwide demonstrations at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer. Floyd ‘s brother Philonise celebrated the legacy of his brother. Also that of the many other African Americans who died with a moment of silence following encounters with the police.

Candidates List

Until Floyd ‘s family talked, Americans heard from Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser as she kicked off a “demanding social justice” segment. It is by questioning Donald Trump ‘s handling of the demonstrations against oppressive law enforcement. She criticized using tear gas and pepper spray to clear Lafayette Park across. It is from the White House in front of a Trump photo op. Thus, where he stood in front of a church holding a Bible. Former vice president Joe Biden’s opponents in the competitive elections assembled in support of the presumptive Democratic candidate practically Monday.

In a video montage, former presidential candidates spoke about why they stood. It is what they were fighting for and why they think Biden would bring the country together. The candidates included: Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif.; Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J.; Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y.; Washington Gov. Jay Inslee; Klobuchar, Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Mass.; Tom Steyer and Andrew Yang, former Rep. Beto O’Rourke of Texas;

After watching Trump divide the world, Gillibrand said, she asked herself what she was willing to do to stop him. Sen. Bernie Sanders gave remarks after a montage of candidates. It is with a plea to the party’s progressive wing to unite behind Biden. A woman whose father voted for President Donald Trump. He also died of COVID-19 delivered a blistering criticism of the president’s health crisis management Monday night. Thus, marking one of the event’s most influential remarks.

Mark Anthony Urquiza Speech

Mark Anthony Urquiza died June 30 after fighting the respiratory illness for three weeks. His daughter Kristin Urquiza wrote in his obituary in the Arizona Republic. It is his death was due to the carelessness of politicians who were either reluctant. Or unable to provide a simple and definitive course.

In a brief but strong straight-to-camera speech, with family pictures scattered throughout. Urquiza spoke for less than three minutes, giving Trump administration a searing rebuke.

So, in the crisis, Biden accused Trump of mismanagement. Thus, Biden called for a national surveillance system, recommending that 100,000 employees be employed to trace the connections of people infected. Trump said he’s done “very well” battling the virus by finding the world’s most research. Also, spurring thousands of ventilators to assist the ill.


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