Medcom Benefit Solutions: Pillar 3, Social and Economic Justice


Welcome to the fourth installment in our five-part webinar series presented by Medcom Benefit Solutions. Medcom became an Earth Charter Partner in 2019 and in our work to bring awareness and action to members of our community and beyond, we put together this series that details who the Earth Charter is and defines each of their four pillars.

Part IV focuses on the third pillar of the Earth Charter: Social and Economic Justice. Our featured guest is Dr. Akpezi Ogbuigwe. Akpezi is from Nigeria and is the Founder of the Anpez Center for Environment and Development. She has over thirty years of professional experience as a law teacher and an avid researcher in environmental law, education for sustainable development, and transformational change in higher education in Africa.

Hosted by Medcom’s internal champion for sustainability and development, Mallory Hopkins, our series demonstrates the foundation of Earth Charter and its growing reach worldwide.