“Lucky” Cell Phone Number Sold for Whopping 2,25 Million Yuan



After hundreds of people vied online for the opportunity to use the seemingly auspicious string of digits, a “lucky” cell phone number sold for a whopping 2,25 million yuan ($300,000). The “Lucky” Cell Phone Number ends in five-eight, a sought-after combination in China as the Mandarin word ‘eight’ sounds close to the word for ‘prosperity’ The number was among the properties seized and ordered to be auctioned by a Beijing judge, and between Saturday and Sunday, an online sale received more than 5000 bids.

Chinese phone users — particularly companies seeking to impress consumers. Also, business partners — often pay a premium for combinations of lucky numbers. Eight is the most sought after number, and so highly valued in China. It is that on the eighth day of August, the eighth month, the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Thus, officially started at eight minutes past eight. The number four, sounding identical to “death” in Mandarin, is least favour.

The Sunday auction winner charged 400 yuan to enter the action. It has ten days to make up for the remaining amount. A phone number ending in eight sevens holds the record for fetching 3.91 million yuan at a 2017 auction. It is on the auction website. Seven sounds like “arise” or “life nature,” and the relationships consider a strong number.


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