Leaked photo of Russian high-powered laser weapon hit the Internet



Images of a new Russian mobile, high-power laser weapon system have appeared on social media.

Leaked images shared on social media this morning are currently stoking speculation about a possible new Russian high energy laser directed energy weapon system designed to destroy hostile targets with ranges of up to 5 kilometers.

Multiple news outlets report that new laser gun systems based on BAZ chassis and was spotted at NPO Advent’s facility in St. Petersburg.


Supposedly, the new weapon system is designed for detecting, tracking, hitting air targets and incinerating enemy drones at a distance of up to 5 km. It can be used on any stationary and mobile objects of military and special purpose.

Russian mobile air defense system reportedly using a chemical oxygen-iodine laser (COIL). The choice of COIL may have been simply determined by its availability and low risk, as a means of demonstrating and proving other more sensitive system components.

According to open sources, the main benefits of using a directed energy weapon over conventional missile interceptors are lower costs per shot, an unlimited magazine, lower operational costs, and less manpower. Though the system may not cost less than missiles, operating it has lower life-cycle costs.


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