Knowledge is temporary. Education is forever.


Today, we tackle the greater significance behind the question oft posed by high, middle, and low schoolers: When are we going to use trigonometry/algebra/etc in the real world?

Sure, there are typically laws that mandate we receive an education, but what is the real answer to the question of why we go to school in the first place?

We spend 6-8 hours in a musty room 5 days a week for the first 18 years of our lives in elementary, middle, and high school, so there better be a good reason for that, right?

The answer is the title.

Here’s just a slight clarification that I couldn’t really find a comfy spot to put fully on screen: Sometimes it seems like I mean to say “wow you’re literally an NPC if you don’t drop out of highschool” at some points in the video, and it does kinda come off like I didn’t know that public education is mandatory when I wrote the script. But uh… “no” to both of these. I guess I was just trying to hammer home that we don’t really think about why we’re in school all that often, because, of course… it’s a law that we are, so we don’t really see any beneficial outcome in pondering why.

Spoilers! Another clarification: I was really sitting on this script for a while because I know I didn’t answer the question fully. If anything it just sounds like I’m making the best of an arbitrary situation. So I guess this video is more vlog/entertainment/commentary than a serious tackling of the question?

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