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In this time of economic recovery, the role of the knowledge and innovation communities will be very important when it comes to mobilizing citizens and institutions for a new agenda that is focused on value creation.  This implies a new collaborative order between the different actors with the strategic challenge of reinforcing the central competitive competences of society and qualifying them as unique ways of creating value and encouraging modernity. Competence and trust will be the drivers for this time of reconnection and reinvention. Good practices will help reinforce a sense of community during this ongoing process.

The consolidation of these knowledge and innovation communities will require a strong partnership contract between all the key actors (i.e. states, universities, companies, civil society), in order to build a real strategy of confidence when it comes to the execution of different acts that are associated with the agenda of change. The focus on innovation and creativity as the drivers of creating added value with international dissemination is a unique challenge that may be the answer to a new way of interaction between those who have the responsibility to think and those that have the responsibility to produce goods and services. This is the main reason for the new opportunities that these communities will have.

 The knowledge and innovation communities will also require an active entrepreneurial culture and attitude from people and organizations that do not have a negative attitude towards financial risk or a focus on innovation and the sharing of a positive dynamic. We need society to have a new challenge. Society must be able to be the real platform of a more entrepreneurial economy that is centred on those and other new areas of knowledge and sectors of value. In these communities of value, the keywords will be co-creation, coopetition, and open innovation. To promote a dynamic and active creation process that involves each citizen is a big challenge for the next years in our society.

 The future is already the present. Our society must have the right answers in an increasingly more complex and global world. The communities of knowledge and innovation must be the most complete example of a positive attitude towards this future and the talent associated with them must be aimed at the new competitive advantage that these communities possess, which is pushed by the enablers of modernity, added value, and excellence. This is a very clear idea that suits the major challenges that our society faces and which requires new answers for different questions. The act of global participation in such a demanding society is an exercise of commitment between individual creativity and collective cooperation. This is key for the success of these communities of change.

Innovation and creativity are the answers for society during these difficult times. They are the drivers of change and civil society must be able to understand this new challenge and provide effective answers to the different stakeholders of the system. The challenge for the knowledge and innovation communities is, in a large sense, the challenge of our society, which is a challenge for all people and every institution. It is, in a word, our challenge.



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