Italian Army tests anti-drone jamming gun



Italian Army has revealed that it has been testing a new anti-drone jamming gun during the Prometo 2020 exercises.

The Prometo 2020 exercise was held by the Counter Mini / Micro Remotely Piloted Aircraft Center of Excellence (CM / M APR) at the Foce Verde (LT) proving ground last week.

The exercise was conducted with the aim of training and training the anti-drone operators of the anti-aircraft departments and of conducting experimentation activities aimed at developing and researching new systems, increasingly performing and effective, to combat this threat.


During exercise was tested the WATSON handheld long-range multiband Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems jammer.

The new anti-drone jamming gun developed but the CPM company.

As noted by the company, light weight and easy to use, the system has been developed to protect designated areas from UAS intrusions using the latest jammer technologies to provide the best compromise between performance and size. Light and Hands Held, this special “jammer gun” includes up to 15 BANDS, capable to cut off the most common links between the UAS and the operators Satellite Networks (GSSN), and the new generation possible frequencies.

The WATSON can be used as “stand alone” device or integrated with Radar in a Counter-UAS system, like our CPM GUARD-ONE, or other already C 2 existing C-UAS Systems. In this case the WATSON, receiving an alert signal by radio, it is guided to the target as an “augmented reality” device.


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