Ipsos poll finds that 4 out of 10 French citizens would refuse corona vaccination if it were available



A new Ipsos poll has found that 4 out 10 French citizens would refuse a COVID-19 vaccination if it were available.

According to the survey, which included nearly 20,000 participants from 27 countries, 74% say they would get a vaccine for COVID-19 if it were available. 59% of them do not expect this will be an option before the end of this year.

26% say would not get a vaccine. The most common reason is worry about side effects (56%) followed by doubt about its effectiveness (29%).

The countries where Covid-19 vaccination intent is highest are: China (97%), Brazil (88%), Australia (88%), and India (87%).

The poll showed that people in France were some of the most resistant in Europe to being vaccinated against Covid-19 (59% would not get a vaccine). They are followed by those in Russia (54%), Poland (56%) and Hungary (56%).

Last Thursday, France registered a record 10,593 new coronavirus cases during the past 24 hours, according to health ministry data. It is the country’s highest single-day count since the pandemic began.

The number of people being treated in hospital for the virus rose by 25 to 5,844, the 19th consecutive daily increase.


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