Indian Lifestyle vs American Lifestyle – Which is Better? (Harsh Reality)


Let us compare Ancient India with the Modern America in terms of clothes, food habits, eating style, areas of innovation and much more!
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India and the USA are two countries which are progressive in their own way. USA of course is a super power and India in the recent past has imbibed a lot from the western ways of living. However, in this video I am going to compare the Modern American ways of living with our Ancient Indian style of living in 7 major categories. I will also share with you my personal take on the matter so that we can get the best of both the worlds.

00:32 – CLOTHES. The way Indians and Americans dress show a lot about their mindsets. There are various reasons to why Americans preferred a certain types of clothes while Indians were more comfortable in another type of clothes.
01:31 – FOOD. There is a major difference in the ideologies of these two countries which is evident in the food choices the people living in India and USA make.
02:50 – EATING STYLE. There is a stark difference in the eating habits of ancient Indians and modern Americans. Why Americans prefer eating on a dining table? Why Indians pressed on eating on floor? Why Americans used cutlery while Indians believed that it’s more appropriate to eat with hands?
03:39 – SUSTAINABILITY vs CONVENIENCE. There are many distinct habits of modern Americans and ancient Indians that suggest that Americans are more inclined towards convenience while Indians believed in sustainable living.
05:00 – WAYS OF LIVING. Indians are driven by certain set of principals while the Americans are driven by a different ideology. This is evident in their day to day life of people of both these countries.
06:01 – AREAS OF INNOVATION. There is no doubt about the fact that America has produced some of the most innovative products in the last century. America is the hub of new products and is a heart of innovation across the globe. Although, you will be surprised to know that even Ancient Indian innovation has been par excellence.
07:02 – PROACTIVE vs REACTIVE APPROACH. There are many ways one can conclude that Indians were more proactive whereas Americans have been reactive in approaching health and wellbeing.
09:08 – WHAT IS THE SOLUTION? How to find a balance between productivity, health and wellbeing?

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